Our Partners

We are working with an ever expanding number of backyard farmers. Our partners are individuals with a small backyard or small teams working in a community garden or space.  Our only requisite is that they are female and have a love for growing things, especially chillies!

We look for a long term commitment from our micro farmers and in return we supply the plants, compost, fertilizer & basic training and then we buy ALL of their harvest to use in our range of sauces.  Through our partnership with The Pebbles Kitchen, we are also now growing and buying spinach, carrots, onions, kale, butternut and potatoes.

Our partners can expect to see us regularly during growing season to collect the produce and provide support if needed.


 So in a nutshell:

  • we supply chilli plants, compost and fertiliser as well as basic training and support
  • we buy back the chillis and other produce on a monthly basis to use in our sauces
  • as we sell more sauce, we can buy more crops and we can support more women to create additional income for them and their families.

Would you like to join us, as a partner or know someone that could really benefit from this relationship? Drop us an email:  dom@backyardfarms.co.za or complete the form on our contact page.